To potential patients, your website will be gorgeous, memorable, and easy to navigate. To you, it will be targeted to attract the ideal patients and cases, fully optimized for search, and analyzed monthly to determine return on investment.Learn More

To show up high in search, you need original text, based on keyword and target market research. Our copywriters put all the pieces of the content marketing puzzle together so that you get new patient calls and increase your profitability.Learn More

The only way to know if your online marketing is effective is to collect data on SEO traffic and rankings, then analyze the data regularly and amend your marketing plan to improve results. We do this for all of our client dentists as part of our normal service.

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With a seasoned social media expert on our team, we offer a full range of posting, following, friending, and communicating on your behalf. If you don’t have time for social media, you don’t have to miss out on its benefits. As with our SEO, social media comes will full reporting for review and analysis. Learn More

We’re Your New Marketing Team

Dental marketing today is vastly different from that of a few years ago, and it’s worlds away from marketing a decade ago. In the US and other progressive nations, patients usually go online to find healthcare services. Your website must be in the top search engine results for the various phrases potential patients use to find a dentist online. To be in that select group in the top, page-one results of Google, many factors come into play. Creating a custom dental marketing stragety involves researching your market, defining your target patient, and learning what other local dentists are doing online to promote their practices. Then, and only then, can we develop a strategic marketing plan for your office — one that will bring you new patients. For a complimentary analysis of your current online marketing presence, website, social media efforts, videos, and local colleagues, call us today at 940-395-5115.

Marketing Tips from Our Blog

Dentists, Blogs, and Pigeon

If you have a dental website, you need a blog, and if you have a blog, you need to feed the Pigeon. That’s right. Feed the Pigeon. You see, Pigeon is Google’s latest, big algorithm update. All the changes this update will effect are not evident yet, but we do now the basics. They are exactly what I’ve advised for many years.  […]

4 Ways to Make Dental Technology More Profitable

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best value for budget. If you’ve invested in high-tech equipment such as a dental laser, CAD/CAM, intraoral scanners, and even digital radiography, make the most of your investment by actively marketing the benefits to your patients. When your patients know that your soft tissue dental laser makes periodontal therapy more comfortable, predictable, and precise, he can tell his friends. It is up to you, however, to make sure that your patients and potential patients know about your office’s technology and its benefits. […]

Sneaky but Legitimate SEO for Dentists

Is Adwords your only hope for reaching page one of Google now? Actually, it isn’t.

3 Secrets All Dentists Need to Know About Blog Writing

If you read no further, please take this statement with you: A Blog’s Purpose Is to Improve SEO.

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When I was looking for an expert copywriter, I was lucky enough to find Shauna and iDENTiwrite. Shauna is extremely professional, friendly and most importantly an excellent copywriter. While she is an expert with dental copy, I have found myself going back to her to work on a variety of subjects.  She just gets it!
Jeff Burdeen, Einstein Digital