Have you come across an article in a journal or on a website and thought it would make a great blog for your website? Publishing the content you found on another website is copyright infringement, so the article must be rewritten.

Article rewriting services are a valuable resource for businesses that need to improve their SEO content while offering an interesting, educational read for patients or clients. Identiwrite Creative’s professional writers rewrite existing articles or AI-generated copy to create more engaging, informative, and unique content.

For 10 years, Identiwrite Creative has served dentists, physicians, specialists, contractors, consultants, and product manufacturers. We combine article rewriting with the latest tactics in SEO writing to yield higher Google rankings for our clients.

Why invest in article rewriting?

By utilizing Identiwrite’s article rewriting services, you can save time and effort while enjoying higher Google rankings and high-quality content that will captivate your audience.

  • You have no time or interest in article rewriting
  • You want to avoid copyright infringement and the legal ramifications of it
  • You want to maximize the information your clients will benefit from in a particular article
  • You need content with better flow and more information than AI-generated articles provide
  • You want to incorporate the very best SEO (search engine optimization) tactics on your website for higher traffic and higher rankings
  • You simply want high-quality content for humans and search engines

Duplicate Content Is Worthless on Google

According to Google, “Google tries hard to index and show pages with distinct information.” This means that if your website (or blog) features content found elsewhere online, the information in the article you post will be worthless for SEO.

I want to share with you some FAQs on this topic. If you have additional questions, call Riese Duty at 972-679-6885. He’ll discuss your project and ideas, then provide a thorough proposal to help your website rank higher in Google by leveraging original content, blogs, and article rewriting.

What is duplicate content?

Any text, image, or video that is published online on more than one domain name (URL) is considered duplicate content. Google’s search robots scan the internet to determine site rank based on the words in the code, meaning the readable text on a page, as well as video scripts and image descriptions. 

SEO TIP: The meta description for each page of a website, and for every blog, should be unique to the page for optimal SEO benefit.

Why does Google devalue duplicate content?

Like most businesses, it boils down to profits. Google makes a ridiculous amount of money by selling advertising. You’ve probably noticed the first and last few entries marked “Ad” on a Google results page. 

Google also must keep its searchers, like you and me, clicking on the search engine results listings. Searchers do not want to click on five different entries and find the exact same result.

By filtering out duplicate content and giving original content more SEO credit, and ranking the original content higher, Google provides searchers with original results at every click. If Google can keep searchers happy, advertisers will flock to spend money on Adwords. Google does a fine job of this!

How can I generate unique SEO content?

You’ve heard the adage, “There are no new ideas.” Whether you agree or not, the cliche holds in regards to much of the information your patients or clients are interested in reading. 

Enter article rewriting. 

How many ways can a dental copywriter describe a dental crown? Or how many different explanations can be written about roofing? To Identiwrite Creative’s expert and experienced copywriters, the answer is an infinite number. The core of their role is to write original, optimized content for online publication. If I do say so, they are excellent at their jobs. We hire only the best for you!

Our US-based copywriters apply their skills to both crafting original content and rewriting existing articles. In some situations, we begin with an AI-generated paragraph, improve upon it, and then expand the text to a minimum of 500 words. (Google recommends 500+ words for optimal SEO.)

How will I know if article rewriting helps my website or blog rank higher?

In addition to article rewriting and content creation, Identiwrite Creative tracks our clients’ websites’ traffic and rankings for identified keywords and keyword phrases. Each month, we will look at your site’s activity and provide you with a report of our findings, in plain English. Joshua, our SEO expert, stays abreast of the latest SEO trends and updates and coordinates with our copywriters for excellent results.

Josh identifies target keywords based on the client’s input and a competitive analysis. In your reports, he’ll explain what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve your site’s traffic and rankings. Josh and our Copy Director, Cara, coordinate to build editorial calendars with target keywords and the articles we published for those terms.

Article Rewriting Services in the USA

For top-quality, human-generated text for online publishing, rely on Identiwrite Creative. We can help your site rank higher by implementing a steady, consistent stream of original blogs and web pages.

How does article rewriting work?

Simply email us a link or copy of the article you want rewritten. First, Josh will identify keywords and then coordinate with Cara to assign a copywriter on our team to your project. The copywriter will rewrite the article with integrated SEO so that Google and humans consider it unique, interesting, and informative. 

Identiwrite Creative is an SEO copywriting company. Our content is mainly published online, thus we incorporate the latest strategies in search engine optimization.

How do I get started with article rewriting or blogging?

Call Riese Duty, co-owner and business development manager, at 972-679-6885 or email riese@identiwrite.com to discuss your project. We’ve served businesses in the USA, Canada, and other English-speaking nations for a decade, and we look forward to serving you!

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