Search Engine Optimization
Power Boost

Remove the barriers between your website and page one search results. Our dental practice SEO expert will evaluate your website and provide a detailed report of hindrances, along with a checklist of technical to-dos.

  • Thorough technical and on-page website analysis + bonus competitor analysis
  • Consultation with our SEO expert to discuss the report, checklist, timeline, and predicted results
  • Comprehensive technical, on-page optimization, including existing copy optimization, for the number of hours purchased in your package

Dental SEO Services FAQs

When does a dental website need an SEO Power Boost?

If your website is not on page one of Google for the keywords most relevant to your practice offerings, it’s time for an SEO Power Boost, which is our brand name for complete on-page dental SEO service. 

If your site shows up at the bottom of page one results, an SEO Power Boost may be the key to reaching a higher rank.

If your dental practice website has never been optimized for search, opt for a brand new website or an SEO Power Boost.

Learn more details about our SEO Power Boost from this blog post.

How long before we see measurable results from an SEO Power Boost?

While dental website SEO results depend upon your market, competitors, and the quality of your website content (text), most power-boosted sites will see results within 90 days – oftentimes much sooner. The more you invest in your dental practice’s SEO, the better the results. For ongoing monthly optimization, subscribe to one of our custom SEO Power Blog packages.

What steps are taken during dental website SEO?

Keyword research and selection, technical optimization of code and metadata, and page content (images and text) will be done. Additionally, issues like image size, load time, and unindexed pages will be addressed.

Since every website is different, the to-do list varies. When you sign up for an SEO Power Boost package, our dental website SEO expert will evaluate your site and create a list of priorities, highest to lowest, and review this list with you (if you choose). If you opt for a package besides our Ultimate SEO Power Boost, you may have to make decisions about which elements are most important to you. We’ll guide you through the entire process, explaining as much or as little as you want to know. 

How long does optimization take?

At the onset of work, we estimate the time required to complete your dental website SEO. Should the time we spend exceed your package, we will explain the situation and our recommendation. In the pricing chart below, the price per hour for hours beyond the package are listed. We will always contact you for permission before exceeding the specified package time limit.

What about ongoing dental website SEO, after the SEO Power Boost?

During and after your SEO Power Boost, regularly publishing quality, original text is important for your website’s ongoing SEO. Select an SEO Power Blog subscription for continual on-page, organic SEO development. Blogging and monthly data evaluation will ensure that your site remains relevant and valuable to Google Search.

SEO Power Boost Packages

Before selecting your package, please know that the first two hours of any package are reserved for our dental website SEO expert to evaluate your dental website and determine the length of time necessary to properly optimize it.

Note that all of the websites we build are designed with optimization. If we assume management of your existing site and we did not build it, evaluating the current SEO will help us determine which SEO Power Boost package will be the most powerful and cost-efficient.


$ 499

  • Home Page
  • Approx. 6 Hrs.
  • Est. 1-3 Svc. Pgs.
  • Addt’l. Hrs. $85 ea.


$ 1299

  • Home Page
  • Approx. 18 Hrs.
  • Est. 5-9 Svc. Pgs.
  • Addt’l. Hrs. $75 ea.


$ 2199

  • Home Page
  • Approx. 32 Hrs.
  • Est. 10-15 Svc. Pgs.
  • Addt’l. Hrs. $65 ea.


$ 4999


Monthly payment plan option of $749 for 7 mos.

  • Home Page
  • All Pages on Site (up to 20 pgs.)
  • Addt’l. Hrs. $55 ea.

Competition for Dentists in Internet Marketing

  • In 2020, there were over 200K dentists in the United States.
  • In 2021, there were over 133M websites domains registered in the US.
  • In 2020, there were 37M bloggers in the US.
  • Approximately 4.4 million blog posts published daily.

And businesses with blogs are 13 times more likely to see good return on investment (ROI) in dental marketing.

Why should you have a website, optimize it, then blog each week if the competition is this stiff? Because your ideal patients, those that have the income and desire to maintain or improve oral health and appearance, will most likely look for your services online. You can’t afford to miss those opportunities, if you want to maintain success or grow your revenue.

Furthermore, to rank high amidst the hullabaloo of websites and blogs on Google, your dental website must be built, optimized, and managed exceedingly well. Identiwrite Creative exists to take these responsibilities out of your hands. Allow us to serve you, and you’ll see awesome results.

How Dental Patients Choose a Dentist After Searching Online

A survey of Americans, published on PRNewswire, found the following to be the top attributes online searchers look for in a dentist’s web presence:

  • Best patient reviews
  • Proximity to patient
  • Top rank in search results
  • Low price
  • Most appealing website

So, of the top five things potential patients look for in digital dental marketing, three can be managed by Identiwrite Creative. While you control your dental practice’s location and prices, we can help with online patient reviews, search ranking, and the look and functionality of your website. We can even make your location appear convenient and your prices of good value by composing well thought-out content for your website.

The importance of your website ranking high on page one results cannot be stressed enough. Only 6% of web clicks come from page two results. Nearly 68% of click throughs are for the top five Google Search results. (Note that only 15% of searchers click on ads, so the 10 organic listings are the most valuable positions.)

An SEO Power Boost is the first step toward ensuring that your dental website reaches top rankings in Google, and this is important: for the keywords your consumers search. If your website is listed on page one position one for redheaded dentist, you probably won’t get a new patient from that search. However, if you’re found on page one position one for best implant dentist, you could very well earn many high-revenue cases.