From selecting a practice name to designing a unique logo to building a strong SEO strategy so that your practice ranks high on Google, Identiwrite Creative is the best digital marketing agency for dentists. Why? There are so many reasons!

First, our goal is to get you MORE NEW PATIENTS, while also building a professional relationship based on results, integrity, and trust. Isn’t that in line with your goals? We’re already on the same page.

Here are a few more benefits you’ll enjoy as an Identiwrite Creative client:


Since our inception, we have focused on serving dentists. This niche is our wheelhouse! Our writers understand clinical dentistry, patient desires, SEO, and copywriting. Having worked in the dental space since 2004, Shauna Duty has written for hundreds of dentists from all over the United States and other English-speaking nations. We know dentists. 

In contrast, agencies, contractors, and consultancies that do not specialize in dental marketing are less likely to deliver what you need. For instance, the state dental board and ADA have marketing guidelines that should be respected in every dentist’s digital marketing pursuits. Most non-dentistry focused agencies, and even many that claim to specialize in dental marketing, are unaware of these regulations. This is merely one example of how Identiwrite Creative’s dental-specific knowledge can benefit your practice. 

Fast Response Time

The directors at Identiwrite Creative provide fast responses via phone, email, and text. In fact, we give our clients our personal cell phone numbers. 

Friendly Service

Do you know why I can guarantee friendly service? Because we don’t have front office staff. When you call Identiwrite Creative, you’ll reach either Shauna Duty (me, the owner) or Riese Duty (the business development director). As you can tell by our last names, we’re related. We both value our customers and want to serve them — and you — with friendly, understanding, informative conversations. 

Sensitivity to Dentists’ Schedules

We respect that as business owners and practitioners, dentists may need to discuss digital marketing after office hours, or on the drive to the office, and we’re happy to schedule calls in the evenings and on Saturdays, when needed. 

Still wondering if we’re truly the best digital marketing agency for dentists?

Creative, Strategic, and Effective Digital Marketing Plans

Creativity is great. Strategy is great. When you merge the two, something greater than great occurs: effectiveness. Our team includes creative copywriters and designers, as well as SEO experts, editors, and technical specialists. We develop custom digital marketing plans to make our clients’ websites rank high, without sacrificing unique visual appeal. 

ROI Through Data Collection and Analysis

We base our clients’ strategies on data acquired through Google properties and third-party resources. By comparing rankings and traffic month over month, conducting competitive analyses, and evaluating keyword success, we can amend our strategies every 30 days to continually deliver good return on their investment for our client dentists. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all plan.

Excellence-Driven, Professional Team

The Identiwrite Creative team is made up of experts in various fields. All of our team members live in the United States and English is their first language. High standards ensure that your website, blogs, and other digital marketing assets will yield optimal results. 

Reasonable Fees

Everyone on our team works remotely, and this has been true since long before the pandemic. For fully custom products and five-star service (see our perfect Google Review score), our fees are extremely reasonable.

Short Turn-Times

Turn times depend upon the product ordered. In general, copywriting can usually be completed within two weeks. A website can be designed, written, made live, and optimized in six to eight weeks, in most cases. 

Ongoing Support and Strategizeing

As previously mentioned, we have excellent customer service. In fact, Shauna offers phone consultations at no cost for clients who have questions about marketing. Our technical support is second-to-none. We also prioritize website reviews, competitive analyses, and data analyses when building digital marketing strategies. A strategy should be fluid in the ever-changing online marketplace, if it’s going to continually attract new patients. 

No Contracts

Perhaps our greatest benefit is that we don’t require contracts. We ask clients to try us for six months, then decide whether to continue service. We want to earn your business, not lock you into a contract that’s legally binding. If you aren’t satisfied, you should have the freedom to choose an alternate vendor. 

I’m biased, of course, but I could rattle off a hundred more reasons that Identiwrite Creative is the best dental marketing agency for dentists, dental consultants, and DSOs. To talk with Riese or Shauna about marketing your practice online, email us or call 682-549-9997 today. 

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