A little spark of joy fills your heart when you read a five-star Google Review about your team or yourself. It should! Great job! I want to tell you how to leverage five-star dental patient reviews across social media. Why? Because people believe those reviews. They could easily bring you new patients.

84% of people say they trust online reviews {patient reviews} as much as or even more than personal recommendations from friends and family.

Listen, this is marketing you don’t even have to pay for!

You can, but you don’t have to. I’m going to give you five places to post good patient reviews for optimal impact.

And here’s a tip to get you started: Call the patient who left the review and ask if he or she will do a video testimonial for you. Record the video on your cell phone, as the patient sits in your office or lobby. It’s so very easy to do this – and it will make your patient testimonial page so much more interesting!

5 Tips to Leverage Patient Reviews

But, you can make the most of your word-based patient reviews by posting them here:

  1. Homepage of your website, at the top – just retype the words and state “as seen on Google Search” or whatever. Your website designer may need to help, to make it look professional.
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – this is so easy. Screenshot the Google Search review and paste the image into your social media feeds. Ask your team to share on their personal social profiles.
  3. In a blog post – and then, publish that blog link on your social media. The blog can be written about points made in the featured patient review.
  4. In your office – few dentists think about this. If the patient agrees, you can take a photo of him or her smiling, digitally place the review text over the image, and have it printed on canvas to hang in your office. Awesome!
  5. Feature on Google Search link – each week, you can publish a link on your Google Business profile–any link you choose. I recommend that you link to the blog on your site that features the testimonial.

So that’s it. In light of the knowledge you have now, how will you maximize your reviews?

Are you asking patients to leave reviews? If not, you should be! We’ll cover this topic in our next blog. Stay tuned!

What We Do for Folks Like You

At Identiwrite, we keep an eye on our clients’ Google Reviews. When a great one comes across, we ask the client if we can post it to Facebook as a way of saying CONGRATS! When a bad review comes along, we immediately notify the client with advice about the best way to respond – and responding IS important, but sometimes emotionally difficult. We will write the response for our clients, upon request, at no additional charge. See, we know you’re busy, and as your marketing company, we’re here to serve you in big and little ways, to make your job easier.

Call me, Shauna Duty, or text 940-395-5115, to set up a time to chat about your online marketing. We build and manage websites, provide on-page SEO with blogging and webpages, and do some off-page SEO with content management. We also help clients with social media management. I look forward to talking with you.

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