man working on improving his dental marketing via bloggingToday we’re delving back into blogging the right way. What does “the right way” mean? If your goal for a dental blog is to get more new patient calls, the path of online marketing is usually most cost effective. A foundational part of online dental marketing is copywriting. Dentists need a website and blog – done right.

Whether you manage your website and blog yourself or you outsource the work, these tips will help make your blog better. The first 3 of our 7 tips can be found here.

1.    Use an SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO is the plugin I recommend. Whether you need the pro (paid) version depends upon your competition. Another popular SEO plugin is All In One SEO. Both of these provide a template for easy meta titles and descriptions, for webpages and blogs. A simple red, yellow, green light system will tell you whether your text is well optimized. But it will go even further to tell you how to improve the on-page optimization of your website. While a plugin is not the end-all for SEO, it will remove the guesswork and improve your efforts.

2.    Make meta descriptions catchy.

What’s a meta description? When you use Google Search, the results show a title in blue, followed by a hyperlink, then a description, for each entry. The descriptions in search results are not arbitrary, nor are they pulled from random text on the site (if done right). These meta descriptions can be strategically composed, so you determine what show sup in search results. The catchier the description, and the higher the ranking of course, the more likely searchers will be to click on your listing.

3.    Use interlinking for better SEO.

The Internet is called the Web for a reason. Much like info shown on a web chart, everything on the web connects to many other things. Your website’s pages can be connected by links. When links are placed over keyword phrases, they become a strong force for SEO. Here’s the long and short of how to do it right. (I admit this tip is a little more difficult and involved than all the others.)

4.    Post to social media and ask your team to comment.

Posting your blogs for SEO is good. People commenting on those posts is great. I STRONGLY URGE you to involve your patients and staff, and even close friends and family, in blog commenting. Ask them to like and follow your page, and to respond to or share 1-2 posts per week. This will improve your results on all social media platforms and could help your off-page SEO, as well.

More Than Writing Blogs

If you blog, do it right. In addition to these 7 tips, use tracking tools, like Google Analytics, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. If you don’t have time to write your own dental blogs, call me at Identiwrite today: 940-395-5115. We’ll talk about your market, competitors, and how to make the most of every minute and dollar you put into marketing your dental practice!

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