Why Choose

Identiwrite Creative

For Dental Marketing?

You may not know much about marketing, but as a business owner, you are responsible for promoting your practice. IT’s the primary way to attract new dental patients. Today, dentists face a complex matrix of web, print, and word-of-mouth strategies, when it comes to dental marketing.

Identiwrite Creative is owned and managed by a seasoned dental marketing expert. With over a decade of experience working with dentists and physicians, Shauna Duty has helped hundreds of practice owners, dental consultants, and dental website companies with all aspects of marketing. Her articles have appeared in many dental and medical publications, and she wrote the chapter titled “Reputation Management for Dentists” in the ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing (2015).


You may offer excellent patient care, have a fabulous staff, and work in a beautiful office, but you have trouble marketing your practice. You may have run out of dental marketing ideas, while your website falls lower and lower in search results.

We will grow your practice, so you can attend to your patients. That's why you became a dentist, right? To help patients? Well, we get a thrill from creating dental marketing strategies. That's why we work for Identiwrite Creative!

At Identiwrite Creative, we help dentists identify with their potential patients across all forms of media. Shauna Duty, owner and editorial director of Identiwrite Creative, invites you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute marketing consultation to discuss your website and marketing plan.

Marketing services your dental office needs:

  • Branding consulting, for practice name, logo, and mission and vision statements
  • Website and print consulting, for design, layout, and search engine optimization
  • Blog development, design, promotion, and content
  • Keyword selection, editorial calendar creation, SEO ranking reports
  • Social media profile setup, integration, and posts
  • Reputation management and testimonial acquisition
  • Email capture and email marketing campaigns, including sales funnels and newsletters
  • Local SEO, including continuity in NAP listings (name, address, phone number)/citations


Is your website responsive?


The best dental website: What does it look like? What does it do? By far, the best platform for dental websites is WordPress. An abundance of customizable templates are available, with state-of-the-art design and functionality. In addition, plugins can be added to increase a site's functions. For instance, email capture, photo carousels, and security plugins expand a site's abilities, without costing a fortune. The best dental websites are clean, informative, and present an intuitive user experience. They also rank high in search, which requires implementing a researched and well-planned strategy that reaches beyond what your competitors are doing to promote their practices.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Search data acquisition
  • Design options
  • Original, optimized text
  • Email capture and contact forms
  • Website launch
  • Reporting set up
  • Social profile integration
  • Blogging
  • Social media posts


Search engine optimization continues to evolve, and Identiwrite Creative keeps up with the latest trends and opportunities. While keywords and linking remain priorities, now lists, charts or graphs, and Q&As are important. Patient testimonials also factor into search, so your practice needs a fully fleshed-out Google Business profile. Once your site is up and running, staying on top of search results requires support tasks, like blogging and periodic re-optimization efforts.

  • Keyword research
  • Cross-linking within the site
  • Backlink research
  • Disavowing bad links
  • Blog publishing
  • Cross-posting testimonials
  • Google Business profile
  • Google profile weekly updates
  • Periodically update web copy
  • Periodically add new web copy


"Content" refers to all of the stuff on your site: text, images, videos. Each of these elements should be optimized for Google. With proper keyword research, on-page SEO, and competitive analyses, your web content can become a powerful tool for acquiring new patients. So, where does "management" come into play? Once your site is live, and well optimized, Identiwrite Creative will constantly monitor how often your domain appears in search, what phrases searchers used, what your competitors rank for, and how to best create new content and re-optimize current content. Managing content is key to remaining high in search for targeted terms and getting good traffic to your site. The higher you rank, the more traffic you see, the more new patient calls your office will get!

  • On-page SEO
  • Strategic meta descriptions
  • Optimized titles, headings
  • Alt-tags on images
  • Featured snippet strategy
  • Answer card strategy
  • Map 3-pack strategy
  • Page one, position one strategy
  • Video script upload on YouTube
  • Data review and editorial calendar updates