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SEO for dentists involves crafting a website in such a way that the code, design elements, text, and internal linking come together so that Google places high value on the website, and equally, potential patients are impressed by what they see and read.

Phase One: Keyword Selection for Dentists

In contrast to a custom dentist website, a template website allows little design flexibility, so you’ll have no guarantee that the dentist down the street is not going to have the same website as you! Many template sites also come with user-friendly administrative panels, so you can make changes to the site easily. Think Wix or Squarespace. They’re extremely cheap and rarely effective in a competitive market.

And should you decide to move your template site, you’ll be out of luck. Template sites are proprietary to the company that owns the template. Not only can you not take your site with you when you go, but you may lose any content you submitted. The copyright may have become the property of the web company.
In some cases, I’ve seen dentists lose their domain name!

We like to look at “City, Services, Symptoms” when selecting keywords.

List the services you’d like to perform most in your office – those that are simple and have high value, as well as the more complex or specialized services that you enjoy performing. Your list should include about 20 words.

Next, write symptoms that go along with the listed services. For example, the service “implant dentistry” would have symptoms (using the word loosely) like “missing teeth,” “loose dentures,” and “replace a tooth.”

Once your keyword list is created, input the terms into Google Search and see what comes up. We also like to use a tool called SEMRush for keyword analysis and competitive analysis. We can analyze their websites and SEO strategy to determine how your plan should be developed – with the ultimate goal of your site ranking higher for those keyword phrases.

Note where your site (if you have one) shows up in results, as well. Your new SEO strategy will aim to build specific credit with Google so that your site moves up the SERPs over the next months and years. The more work you to do improve your site’s SEO, the higher it will rank in SERPs. It will also rank for a wider variety of terms, including long-tail keywords.

Phase Two: Website Remodeling with Improved SEO for Dentists

If you have a website right now, we’ll need to conduct a page-by-page review and note areas to improve. Your site may need remodeling. For instance, if you’re under contract with your current dental website company, and you cannot redesign a site at this time, we may be able to remodel your site so that it ranks higher. Then, when you’re free and clear of your contract, we can use the content you already purchased from Identiwrite Creative, to save you money on building a new, more modern website, with lots of bells and whistles!

Ready for a new site now? Great. It really is best to start from scratch. We can work with you to design a dental website that will convey your brand and image, while also integrating cutting-edge SEO techniques in both design and content.

Phase Three: Copywriting and Development for the SEO Website

Now we are pointed in the right direction and have all the tools we need to develop your well optimized dental practice website. The last phase is writing and building your site.

Identiwrite Creative began as a copywriting firm for dentists. Not only do we understand the importance of good writing for a dentist’s professional image, but our copywriters understand SEO writing – composing content so that it is highly valued by Google’s algorithm.

We recommend a minimum of 20 pages of completely original text on a dentist’s website. Additionally, the site needs blog functionality, and you should plan to post or have Identiwrite Creative post for you, about 4 times per month. This may seem like overkill, but Google places the most value on original, well written, and informative text. Why? It’s an information source – the primo search engine on the planet!

After writing your website’s text, or content as we call it, we’ll work with one of our technical developers to build your WordPress website. It will be hosted on your account in GoDaddy or BlueHost, depending upon which you prefer.


Dentistry is an offline purchase.

Building SEO
Over Time

As stated earlier on this page, in addition to building or remodeling a website with a proven, solid SEO strategy, other SEO elements build credit over time. For instance:

  • Purchasing your domain for 10 years equals more SEO credit with Google than purchasing it for a year or two.
  • Adding a consistent version of your practice’s name, address, and phone number to directories, social media profiles, and listings throughout the Internet will ultimately earn more SEO credit for your website domain.
  • Publishing blogs and articles on third-party sites related to health, dentistry, or your city will build incoming links, which are very valuable to SEO for dentists.
  • Patients who post great reviews of your practice on your Yelp!, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Business profiles will help build your site’s credibility with Google, thus positively impacting your SEO.
  • As the number of visitors to your website increases, Google will see it as more popular, which will make your domain more valuable to Google.
  • The number of years your domain holds dentistry-related text and content also impacts SEO. A 10 or 15-year-old dental website, if managed and maintained properly, will earn credit that can only be accomplished by longevity.
  • The more original, informative content your website accrues over time, the higher it will rank in SERPS. Google values information. Think of it as a library. As your volume increases, it takes up more room on the library’s shelf. The more space you take up in the library, the more likely you’ll be seen. Pretty soon, your volume will be moved to the front of the library, in the “dentist” section of the library!
Start Where
You Are

Some of our clients have great sites that rank high and have been at the top of page one on Google for years. They come to us because content is vital if they are going to maintain those high positions, long term.

Other dentists rely on Identiwrite Creative to remodel an existing website, then work towards building a greater online presence over time. Their SEO plan may be spread over a year or two, and our monthly keyword ranking reports will show how the site is moving up, continually and consistently, with time.

Still others are just starting out. They are purchasing a practice that needs a logo, website, and to establish a new online presence.

Experienced dentists come to us to build up their site’s SEO, in anticipation of selling the website as an asset with the practice, when they retire.

We will start where you are today, discuss where you want to be in the future, and devise a practical SEO plan to get from A to B.