Whether a dentist wants to increase revenue by seeing more new patients or by seeing fewer patients who want more costly procedures, luring the right patients to your office requires a strategic website marketing plan. SEO Power Blogs is a fantastic way to ensure top rankings for YOUR target patients. 

If potential patients can’t find you online, your dental practice growth will be extremely limited. The Pew Internet Project and California Health Care Foundation gathered data that shows, about 80 percent of people use the Internet when looking for healthcare information. Furthermore, sites that rank in the top half (5) of a Google search page earn over 67% of the clicks on that search page. 

So, you need to rank on the top half of results for the keywords YOUR target patients are typing into Google Search. Identiwrite Creative can help you achieve this with SEO Power Blogs.

Pricing starts at just $399 a month for:

  • SEO monitoring,
  • four original blog posts optimized for search
  • and posted to your social media profiles,
  • data acquisition and analysis,
  • a competitive analysis,
  • an hour of technical SEO work on your site,
  • and a one-hour consultation call each month with your office. 

Give Google Great Info

If potential patients don’t understand the dental services you provide, how will they know that you are the right provider for them? Your website should answer all the questions new patients ask when they call your office, as well as those they ask at their first visit.

Listen to what patients say, then tell your writers at Identiwrite Creative, and we’ll create informational blogs that answer the REAL questions people ask. This is exactly what Google will reward with higher rankings!

According to an article in Forbes: “You need to show Google that your website offers quality information and is a source that users trust. This involves posting frequently, improving engagement with articles (through social media efforts), and guest blogging.”

What are Power Blogs for dentists?

Many dental marketing agencies offer blogging. Usually, the blog has issues like these:

  • poorly written
  • uninteresting
  • not broken up for easy scanning
  • posted on many websites
  • too short for Google to reward
  • doesn’t include modern SEO strategies
  • doesn’t base editorial calendars on recent keyword ranking data
  • isn’t shared on social media

These things take time and expertise. Most dentists do not have the time or desire to learn how to write for SEO. That’s okay! Identiwrite Creative takes care of the research, data analysis, writing, and publishing every week. 

You need to know this about SEO and blogging:

  • Google holds 71-92% of search market, so optimizing your site for Google should be priority over working to please Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines (source)
  • Websites that rank in the top half (5) of a Google search earn over 67% of the clicks on that search engine results page (SERP); the last 5 listings get less than 4% click-through
  • Google Adwords advertisements, plus alternate searches (a second search for a different keyword phrase), receive only 15% of user actions from a SERP; this means, people want to search once and choose from the top 5 listings
  • Getting into the 3-pack of maps on page one for a term like “city+dentist” involves a variety of factors, but having a good amount of Google Reviews is key
  • SEO research is based on ranking and traffic data for targeted keywords
  • A competitive analysis will tell you what other local dentists are doing well and doing wrong in their online marketing strategy; this data is important in designing a road map for your website’s SEO strategy
  • If you do not analyze your website’s ranking and traffic data every month, you’ll have no clue what’s working and what’s failing in your online marketing

Now, how do you achieve that top-ranking? There are a few different ways. The first, and arguably most important, is the constant flow of information to your site. This may sound daunting but it is the main goal job of Identiwrite copywriters. 

We know that Google rewards sites with new, unique, accurate information that people are searching for. A blog will add information to your site on a regular schedule. We’ve found that a weekly blog post of 550 words, with text not found elsewhere online, can produce higher rankings inside one month. 

Start Your Power Blog Today!

Call Identiwrite Creative at  (972) 679-6885 or email riese@identiwrite.com. We will take a look at your website and your competitors’ sites, then consult with you on your goals. Next, we’ll create a custom proposal to address your SEO goals and fit within your marketing budget. All Identiwrite Creative clients get one hour of dental marketing consulting per month, so you can understand what’s going on with your website and what you can expect in regards to MORE NEW PATIENTS!

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