Mix it Up in Dental Writing

By January 7, 2011September 27th, 2018Dental Copywriting

I’ve said it before, but writing for dental patients is different than writing for dentists. That’s why many dentists and doctors choose to use a copywriter. If you’re writing content for a dental website, blog, or other marketing material, one little trick that tends to keep readers’ attention is to mix up the format. Instead of using straight paragraphs and statements of explanation, try these formats:

  • Pose questions (but always answer them)Mix it Up in Dental Writing
  • Use bullets (people love to scan lists)
  • Include videos (from YouTube)
  • Use quotes from sources
  • Use statistics or charts (use “%” to break up letters instead of writing “percent”)
  • Compose titles with “Tips” or “Secrets”
  • Always use pictures or diagrams
  • Always include links to other websites

Don’t skimp on text because search engines crave it. Do, however, visually break up the text to make it more enticing to readers. Once they’re on your page, you want them to stick there for a little bit. As writers, we have a proclivity for words – we love to read, write, play word games, and (if you’re like me) read the dictionary. Not everyone feels this way! Most people like visual stimulation. Diversity in the appearance of your text is important. Round out your writing world and think like an artist before hitting “publish.”

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