You’ve accumulated hundreds of blog posts, all with original content. They represent hours upon hours of your time, in front of the computer, pounding out keyword-optimized text that you hoped someone would read.

Is there any way to recycle blogs as new content without ticking off the Google gods?


Boosting What You Have

1. The best option, in my opinion, is to expand upon what you have, then republish as new. This entails slightly amending the main content of the blog so that it won’t be duplicate content. Just reword sentences and paragraphs a bit. Then, before the closing and call to action, keep going. Expand further on the topic. Provide more details, statistics, and education on the information. Keep the original blog intact, published as it was. This way, you won’t need to install redirects after deleting an old blog post.

2. The more content a blog has, the better. But if you don’t have the time or desire to add to an old blog post, you can just update it and republish as new. Do not change the URL, but just the publish date.

These two tactics involve on-site manipulation for recycling blog posts.

Reshare and Repost

3. You should also think about sharing your blogs again on social media, and even reworked a bit as guest posts. Know another blogger in the industry? Trade quotes and links – to use in new blog posts. What I mean is, a pal blogger of yours could quote an old blog post on your site and link back to the full post. You, in turn, could do the same for him or her.

4. Publish old blogs to third-party sites, like Dentistry IQ, to give them new life.

5. Old blogs that didn’t have many views make great candidates for full blog posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Both of these platforms have places to post full-length articles.

When Time Is Against You

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