Are you ready for more revenue and more time spent doing the dentistry you enjoy? We have just what the SEO doctor ordered!

In 2006, I created my first microsite to support a client’s dental marketing SEO strategy. Remember microsites? They focused on a single service, like Invisalign, dental implants, or smile makeovers. In short, we would design a 5-page micro-website and place it on an SEO-matched domain name, like “,” for example. 

Microsites don’t work any longer, and neither do exact match domains, but I know something that works tremendously well!

With all Identiwrite products, our goal is to GET you MORE NEW PATIENTS. The Niche Power Pack supports that goal in one practical, relevant, and effective package.

Blast your niche dental service or product to the top of page one with Identiwrite’s Niche Power Pack! In this blog, I’ll share the what, why, and how of our new Niche Power Pack so that you can decide if this dental marketing SEO strategy is right for your practice.

Dental Marketing SEO at Its Best

If you think of the Internet as a library filled with volumes of information, your website is a book on a shelf. It educates people about the dental care your practice offers. Each page of your website is like a chapter in your book. The thicker the book, the more shelf space it takes up, and the more visible it is to potential patients.

People who want to learn about dental implants will ask Google to look for the websites that have the most valuable information about implants. Google is the reference librarian. People tell Google what they want to know about, and the search engine offers up the most relevant and popular information on that topic.

Other dental practices in your area may dedicate one page of their website to an overview of implant benefits, the procedure, and expected outcomes. To attract more potential dental implant patients than those competitors, your website should feature a Niche Power Pack. 

For the best dental marketing SEO strategy, our team will flesh out a multi-page section on your website to explain your niche service to potential patients. We will create five pages, dense with the details patients want learn, with images, videos, and text. It’s no question that your site will become the authority in your area on dental implants.

And the way Google works, the more traffic your site attracts, the more preference it will be given in search engine results. Get more traffic, rank higher. Furthermore, the niche-specific pages can interlink with blogs on the same topic, expanding the SEO strategy.

How the Niche Power Pack Works

1. Choose Your Niche

First, you’ll select the topic of focus. Some dentists immediately know what they want to focus on: the most professionally rewarding and lucrative service they provide. Others have to take time to consider which niche would best serve their practice:

  • Invisalign/clear braces
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Implant-retained dentures
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Sleep medicine
  • TMJ/TMD therapy
  • Sedation dentistry/phobic patients
  • Children’s dentistry

TIP: Look to local dental office websites to find out which of your services can fill a gap in your community. If 4 other offices provide sleep medicine, but no one offers Invisalign, you can become the go-to dentist for Invisalign.

2. SEO Research

Next, our SEO expert will conduct research to find the most popular search terms for your niche. Some keyword phrases will be obvious (dental implants), while others may not be as obvious (cost of dental implants, dental implant timeline). We will review the keywords with you and decide which page titles will generate the most traffic.

3. Design and Copywriting

While our copywriters are busy composing educational, informative, interesting text for your niche expansion pages, our graphic artist will design the new pages for your website. At this point, if you have photos, illustrations, or videos you’d like on the site, you will submit them. We will also turn to relevant manufacturers, suppliers, and reputable organizations to find additional information and media for your site.

4. Revise and Approve

We will review the new pages with you before making them live on your website. At this point, you can request revisions and/or additions to the pages’ text and design.

5. Go Live and Submit for Indexing

With your final approval, the new pages will go live. Our SEO expert will submit the new pages to Google Search so they can be indexed. They may or may not immediately hit page one. Over 60-90 days, however, your new niche pages will start ranking high for all the keywords we selected and even some we didn’t select. 

For ongoing dental marketing SEO, purchase a Power Blog subscription and we’ll manage your website’s ranking and traffic reports (as well as site updates and backups). As we publish additional blogs on your niche topic, an interlinking strategy will take shape, creating a web of links between relevant blogs and the niche pages.

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