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What a Toothache Really Means

Metropolitan Dental Care in Denver, CO and Lone Tree, CO posted a great oral health blog this week, What a Toothache Really Means. It informs the public about what causes toothaches and when a person should schedule a dental appointment. Metro Dental Care has six dentists, including a periodontist, and the staff serves patients of all ages, from children to senior citizens.

How to Keep Your Teeth Pearly White

The next top blog of the week goes to Inspire Smiles Dental in Dublin, CA. How to Keep Your Teeth Pearly White explains professional teeth whitening, as well as natural treatments to brighten tooth enamel. Because the post incorporates popular homeopathic remedies, it will be found by a wider audience in search results! Good thinking, copywriter.

Anxiety and Acupuncture

Anxiety is rampant in the United States and across the globe. While many physicians prescribe medications, anxiety patients often search for non-pharmacological options to try, before turning to prescription drugs. This blog is so relevant for a vast number of people that it made our top blog list, even though it’s about acupuncture! Read about how Dr. Cody Doyle in Roanoke, TX treats Anxiety with Acupuncture.

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