Search Engine Optimization for Video TestimonialsSearch engine spiders can’t tell what people in your video are saying. Sure, you can tag your videos with some keywords, and humans love video testimonials. We can relate and respect the opinion of people who are willing to provide a review and attach their face to it. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck out of video testimonials on your blog or website, you have to include a transcription, or at least an explanation, along with the video file. Here’s what the dental marketing experts¬†recommend you do with video testimonials:

  • Create a YouTube channel and upload your videos there
  • Tag your videos with keywords about dentistry and your location
  • Link to your YouTube channel from your websites, blogs, and other online listings
  • Place videos into your blogs periodically
  • Place videos on your website pages
  • When you post a video on your website or blog, include a written description of the video, from the doctor’s perspective, or a transcript of the patient’s testimonial. Insert links in to the text where appropriate (services should link to service descriptions on your website).

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