If you’ve been tasked with finding a professional resource that will provide original, search-engine-optimized text for hundreds or thousands of web pages, you’re found the solution you seek! Identiwrite Creative is the primary copywriting agency for dental copywriting in the United States.

Quality Copywriting

We employ a team of writers, based in the US, whose first language is English. Each one is trained in writing about clinical dentistry, and also understands the latest trends and strategies for search engine optimized writing. Most of our writers have a degree in English, creative writing, journalism, or dentistry. Some are non-practicing dentists, attorneys, or professors.

What we can write for you:

  • Website pages for dentists, physicians, specialists, product manufacturers, and labs (Website companies and dental practice consultants hire us to write web copy for their clients. We ghost write, so the client never knows about Identiwrite Creative. They just see excellent copy and praise YOU as the writer.)
  • Articles for third-party website distribution
  • Newsletters, articles, and e-mails
  • Bulk social media posts and ads
  • Ongoing blogs for patient or professional audiences
  • Case descriptions for before-and-after galleries
  • Bulk video scripts, phone scripts
  • Product descriptions for e-commerce sites
  • Bulk e-books, whitepapers, downloadable incentives
  • Manuals and guides
  • Bulk brochures and collateral

We also provide editing services. Did you write a book? Congrats! We can edit it for you.
Ask about our hourly rate for editing.

Why Choose Identiwrite Creative?

  • We can take on large-volume projects and have systems in place for co-managing such projects with clients, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free for you.
  • Our writers, editors, and customer service agents have experience in dental and medical writing.
  • We also have experience with SEO and web writing, which is equally important for online publishing.
  • English is the first language of all our writers. This is extremely important for a casual tone that strikes readers as natural, honest, and valuable.
  • Our US-based writers ensure that communication occurs within the 4-hour timeframe of US days and nights.
  • We understand ADA advertising guidelines (for dentists) and adhere to them, so our clients don’t receive a surprise nasty letter about their license being in jeopardy due to having a statement of superiority or comparison with a peer on their site.
  • We will adhere to the style guide of your preference: AMA, APA, Chicago, or our own favorite, the sweet and simple Elements of Style!
  • We implement the latest SEO tactics for keywords, interlinking, h-tags, metadata, etc.
  • We offer a fast turnaround for most projects and can work in phases, so you can keep production moving forward on your end.
  • For custom copywriting from a boutique agency, our pricing is surprisingly reasonable.
  • You can always expect excellent, human-only customer service and prompt call backs.
  • That excellent communication can occur however you communicate best, by phone, email, and/or text.

Request a Copywriting Quote

You can’t do it all yourself.

The scale of your project disqualifies an independent freelance writer.

A regular writing agency or marketing firm doesn’t know dentistry, so would they provide the specificity you want? Would the writing they provide sound too general?

Outsource overseas, and you’ll save money at first – but you’ll also deal with language barriers and time differences that could be frustrating. Will you even receive the final product? There are no guarantees. Or are there?

Identiwrite Creative’s reputation is at stake. We must provide excellent written product, customer service, and communication to every client, so we do! In fact, we take great pride in it. We also know dentistry inside and out, front office and back.

Let’s talk about your project, and I’ll answer all your questions, then send you a proposal covering timeline, cost, and details. You and your team will have everything you need from Identiwrite Creative to make an informed decision about what’s best for your project. Call or text me, Shauna Duty, owner and copy director, at 940-395-5115, or email me at [email protected].


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