Does your dental practice’s Facebook page need more likes? Once you hit 100 likes, you can actually create automatic settings that tell you how other dentists in your area are faring on Facebook.

Here are 5 ways to get more likes:

1. Like other pages, such as, and the page owners are apt to like you back. (Incidentally, we’re running a Facebook promotion, so you could win free SEO’d blogs or articles for #dentalpracticemarketing!)

2. Create contests. Facebook isn’t big on allowing businesses to host contests on their Facebook pages, but I have yet to see any dental office get in hot water over a silly little contest. A simple drawing of Facebook fans, with a prize of a gift card works well. Note that giving gifts to patients is not allowed in all states, so check with your state board before hosting a contest.

3. Ask patients to like your page.  Just ask. You’ll be surprised at the response!

4. In an obvious location, post a link to your Facebook page on your website , with a request for people to like your page.  You can also promote your unique Facebook URL in your dental practice and on your business cards.

5. Upload your address book to Facebook to send automatic email requests to your friends, family, and coworkers.

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