If you’ve written about dentistry before, you might think that writing web content for a dental website, or composing dental blogs, won’t be too much of a challenge. In some ways, you’re right. However, penning a print ad or typing a term paper don’t require search engine optimization.

A good dental writer needs more than the ability to write coherent, or even interesting, content. A good dental writer needs a solid understanding of search marketing. Factors to consider include:

  • Keyword selectionDental Writing with SEO in Mind
  • Keyword integration
  • Headings
  • Links, incoming, internal, and external
  • Length of the piece
  • Audience’s reading level
  • Goal of the piece (more web visitors, education, etc.)
  • Where the piece will be published (blog, article, website content, etc.)
  • Distribution (social networks, sharing options, submissions, etc.)

Each of these factors requires some thought and attention prior to composing text for a dentist to use online. We’ll delve into these topics in coming weeks. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts as we move through the information.

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