If you’re wondering what a comprehensive online dental marketing strategy looks like, here’s an example. This information comes from a customized proposal for a private dental office, located in a major US city. Because many dentists compete for business in the area, this proposal is more aggressive than what would be necessary for a dental practice in a less competitive market. At Identiwrite Creative, we do not ask dentists to sign a contract, but a one-year verbal commitment is requested.

Web Content

What: Evidence-based, SEO-focused website content expansion – All original content!

Why: Google wants informative, original content, and the more your website has, the better it can rank in search; Google has indicated that quality content is the most important aspect of search engine optimization

How: By adding one page per week, the website will have over 50 indexed pages in one year; we write, optimize, and post the web pages; one full-color image is included with each page (if appropriate with website design)


What: Optimized, interesting blog posts about dentistry, healthy living, and beauty – All original content!

Why: Blogs index faster on Google than webpages, and they remain active in search indefinitely; Matt Cutts, Google search expert, says that all businesses should have blogs to be competitive in today’s online marketplace

How: By adding 2 new blog posts per week, the website will have over 100 indexed blogs in one year; we write, optimize, and post the blogs; one full-color image is included with each post

Links & Citations

What: High-quality incoming links to your domain

Why: Quality links improve SEO credit and thus can positively influence rankings and traffic

How: By publishing one press release, article, or guest blog per month, we will build 12 high-quality links per year, in addition to the links created by social media (monthly plan) and through directories (initial plan)

Facebook, Google+, Pinterest

What: Effectively leverage social media into the practice’s marketing efforts – All original content!

Why: Social media holds value for SEO, link building, brand awareness, and patient retention if it is managed properly and consistently

How: By creating a dual strategy with the practice team and our marketing team, we’ll make sure that blogs, images, and information are posted multiple times per week to Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest; we will provide a calendar of topics and participate in Facebook conversations between staff and patients


What: Create an optimized YouTube Channel for the practice to post and like videos

Why: Videos are in important part of visual marketing online, and YouTube can become a solid component of an online marketing strategy

How: Create quarterly videos at or about the practice and post them to YouTube with a script for SEO; integrate the videos into the practice website and other social media outlets; also, integrate monthly likes and shares on the practice’s YouTube Channel

ADA Guide to Internet MarketingTestimonials (Reputation Management)

What: Positive patient testimonials on Google+, Yelp!, and Facebook

Why: Testimonials are known to be highly effective in online marketing, not only because people’s decisions can be influenced by them, but also because on social media, they factor into SEO rankings

How: In the front and back office, ask for patient reviews; on your website we will create instructions and an easy-access button for patients to post reviews

Shauna’s report on reputation marketing was featured in The ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing (2015).

Checks and Balances

– Qtly keyword research

– Weekly email to staff liaison

– Qtly competitive analyses

– Weekly evaluation of social media posts

– Monthly keyword report

– Monthly social media report

– Monthly Google Analytics review

– Monthly marketing call, scheduled

– Web content expansion plan

– Qtly traffic goals for website

– Blogging calendar

– In-office call tracking spreadsheet and training on how to implement it

 24/7 Marketing Help

As an Identiwrite Creative client, you will benefit from complimentary marketing consulting. For instance, if a colleague tells you about a new marketing trend, call Shauna for an expert opinion on the subject.

Please note that Identiwrite Creative will need a contact at your office who can make decisions regarding Internet marketing and social media. This liaison will receive monthly reports and can text, email, or call Identiwrite Creative any time with questions or concerns regarding any marketing topic.

If you would like to discuss a complete dental marketing plan for your practice, please contact Shauna Duty, Copy Director and Principal at Identiwrite Creative, at shauna@Identiwrite Creative.com or at 940-395-5115.

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