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By September 17, 2011September 27th, 2018Dental Copywriting, Social Media & Blogs

Blog Ideas for DentistsAt this point, there’s no question as to the effectiveness of blogs for an SEO strategy. Google loves blogs!

Many people have a hard time coming up with topics for dentistry blogs, though. It can be a struggle to carve out time to not only write, but to research and plan what to write.

At Identiwrite Creative, we’ve composed hundreds of blogs. Every one of our blogs has unique content, so Google ranks it high. Notice, I said that the blogs have unique content; what I mean is, every blog is written from scratch and we don’t use stock articles. However, there are no new ideas. (Well, that’s not true when it comes to writing about scientific research, but generally speaking it holds water.) The tricky part of making hundreds of blogs unique is learning how integrate facts with a doctor’s philosophy and a “different take.”

When the police pull up to a domestic dispute, they separate the involved parties and privately speak to each one. Why? First of all, they want to find out the truth, and in doing so, they find out who’s lying. Both parties have their own version of the story. How a person interprets a situation depends upon many factors. Often, a single event is related to a policeman in two very different ways. Barring lies, both versions probably contain some facts.

Blog posts are the same way. For instance, the fact that September is Whole Grains Month offers a cornucopia of potential blogs. In researching whole grains, I found quite a few interesting topics, including: many people don’t know what “whole” grain means; eating whole grains reduces the potential for heart disease and gum disease; whole grains can also lower cholesterol, and September happens to be Cholesterol Education Month, as well. Ba-bam. Three facts, and each could have multiple blog posts.

Let’s take the fact that eating whole grains reduces the potential for gum disease. Here are 5 blog ideas for dentists, based on that single thought:

  1. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults, so we could write about an adult diet that reduces the risk for inflammatory diseases.
  2. Gum disease affects up to 80% of Americans, so we could discuss healthy, whole grain snacks for people of all ages and demographics.
  3. Gum disease is linked to heart disease, and eating whole grains lowers the risk of both. We could write a blog on this connection and also remind readers that heart patients must let their dentist know of their condition so that precautions may be taken prior to dental procedures.
  4. We could describe how oral health affects overall health, and how eating whole grains can improve both.
  5. Everyone loves a quiz. We could create a quiz about whole grains to educate readers on what whole grains are, what the aren’t, which diseases they help prevent, and which foods have whole grains.

If you brainstorm this way before writing, you can determine the most interesting and appropriate way to write for your practice. If you see children, the health, whole grain snacks would be a good post. For periodontists, foods that reduce inflammatory risks may be better. A general family dentist may be best served by the blog about healthy eating — or the quiz that teaches people how and why to choose whole grain foods.

At Identiwrite Creative, our content managers (bloggers) are trained to research, brainstorm, plan, and write original posts for each of our clients. Do you have a dental blog without posts? Call us today at 940-395-5115 for help.

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