Blogging Still Works to Drive Traffic to Dental Websites

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Original, informative, properly optimized and distributed blogs lead a target demographic to dentists’ websites, regardless of what your website company or consultant say.

Google guru Matt Cutts insists that all businesses should have a blog. Because of the amount of webpages indexed by Google, a dentist needs a minimum of one blog (or new website page) per week, and the written content must not be published elsewhere online. To rank high in Google, a dentist’s blog must provide informative, useful information – the exact information your potential patients search for online.

Truth: Many dental website companies and consultants will tell you that posting new content to your website isn’t as important as it used to be. They say this because they don’t have a good copywriter on hand to compose high-quality articles, consistently.

Blogs and Webpages Are Not Equal to Google

Do you know how blogs are different from web pages?

Blogs are considered news, and Google indexes them with a special algorithm. Blogs rank fast and high in search engine results.

Webpages are important, too. They take longer to reach top search results in Google, but they have staying power.

Strategize for Best Content Marketing

As in all marketing pursuits, the best first step is to gather information, and next is strategizing. Of course, you need the basics:

  • Know your target patient. Ask, who is your ideal patient?
  • Know your competitors (local colleagues, or peers if you will). What are local dentists doing online?
  • Know your keywords. What are your ideal patients looking for online? What words are they typing into Google Search?
  • Invest in a great website that features a blog. If you need to update or renovate your website, I can help you. I’ll either work with your web company as your marketing consultant or my team can design and build your next-gen website as a custom WordPress format. Either way, you and I will work out the design plan and content strategy.
  • Add content regularly. This is where I want to give you some more direction. I’m Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite Creative, and I’d like to talk to you about your copywriting habits, marketing plan, and online success. Give me a call today at 940-395-5115 or email [email protected].

Content Marketing: Blogs and Website Pages for Dentists

The best strategy I’ve seen, and use, is to create a content marketing plan that balances webpages with blog posts. My suggestion is this, and it goes for all dentists, including specialists.

  • Invest in 4 thoughtful, interesting, completely original pieces of content per month that cover all aspects of the various services and treatments you offer.
  • Two should be blog posts, with an intimate tone, as if you’re speaking to a patient one on one. They need hyperlinks to webpages embedded within the text, on relevant terms. To promote your implant page(s), you might write a blog on the cost of implants in your area, and that patients get what they pay for. Link the term “financing your implant procedure” to a page on your website that explains your financing options.
  • Two should be additional webpages on your website, ordered appropriately in your navigation. For instance, in the Implant section of your website, you might add subpages on financing for implants, postoperative instructions, implant retained denture options, single-tooth implants, and why implants are better than traditional bridges and dentures.

Of course, you can supplement this with additional content, and you may want to if you’re in a highly competitive market, like San Diego, CA or Manhattan, NY. The rule of 4 posts per month is a starting point. I’ve blogged five times per week for dentists in extremely competitive markets – and it works!

If You Can’t Do It, Get Help

I’m here to help you. Most of the dentists I work with are simply too busy to write four 550 to 750-word-long pieces of original content each month, then post it to their website and make sure the SEO elements are intact. I’d like to introduce you to Identiwrite Creative, THE website content provider for dentists in the United States and abroad. I’m Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite Creative, and I’d like to talk to you about your copywriting habits, marketing plan, and online success. Give me a call today at 940-395-5115 or email [email protected].

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