5 Reasons to Use Dental Patient Education Pages

By May 7, 2010September 27th, 2018Patient Education
  1. 5 Reasons to Use Dental Patient Education PagesGeneration G Marketing is a red-hot trend. Why? Because it works. The G stands for giving and generosity. In our economic climate, people appreciate the business that gives freely. Patient education is you showing that you care. You care what your patients know, what they think, and what they decide for the future of their dental health.
  2. Informed patients make wise decisions. Good oral healthcare decisions from your patients mean better case acceptance for you. Badabing. It’s that simple.
  3. PEPs from Words for Dentist make you look more professional. Whether used online or in print, Identiwrite Creative’s patient education pages look great. They feature full-color photos and diagrams, as well as beautifully presented content.
  4. Great articles will make your website a resource rather than just another advertisement. One of the great victories in marketing is the ability to set your business apart…to show your potential clients (patients) that you take it all a step further for their benefit. Flesh your website out with premium patient education, and your site will become an information source rather than just another ad.
  5. Spread your name around. It’s about publicity, and word of mouth is the best kind. Seriously. A recent study showed that over 70% of consumers trust personal referrals. So imagine this. You hand your new patient a PEP on crowns because she needs a cap replaced. She goes home, lays the paper on the table, then gets busy with life. Her husband comes in after work and sees the full color, professional, glossy handout and takes an interest. “What’s this?” he asks.”Oh, my dentist gave that to me. I need a crown.” The husband picks up the paper. “A guy at work was just telling me about his toothache. He can’t even chew on the right side of his mouth. Mind if I give this to him?” End of story.Here’s another. A family recently moved into your town. The mom has to find a dentist. She sits down and types “kids dentist AND dallas” into Google. Because your website features a full children’s section, with printable brushing charts, FAQs, coloring pages, word searches, and links to online dental games, your site ranks toward the top of the Google results. The mom visits your site and sees that you’ve taken a real interest in children. Other local dentists’ websites say “family dentistry,” but they don’t seem as kid-friendly as yours. Guess who she calls?

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