Whether you’ve written hundreds of blogs and recently developed writer’s block or you’re starting a new blog for your dental office and don’t know what to write about, these 3 insider tips will help you generate unlimited ideas for dental blog topics!

I’m Shauna Duty, the owner of Identiwrite Creative, and I’ve been a dental copywriter for 17 years. My team of writers at Identiwrite compose patient-generating blogs every day. We also write SEO website content, social media posts, and content for print publication. Yet somehow, we never run out of fresh ideas. You’re about to learn the experts’ secrets!

3 Spectacular Tips That Will Spur a Dental Blog Topic Brainstorm!

  • Listen to the Questions Your Patients Ask – Don’t Just Answer Them 

Start writing down the questions your patients ask during appointments. They may range from, “How much do veneers cost?” to, “Should I just get dentures?” Direct your front office, assistants, and hygienists to jot down patient questions, as well. These questions are pure gold for your blog! You’ll actually have real questions that people are keying into search queries online. Simply title your blog the exact question that your patient asked, even if the verbiage sounds less than perfect. Exact-match queries get more click-throughs than partial matches. Then start writing!

  • Get Back to Your Passion

Why did you become a dentist? What started your journey? Surely a passion for health, science, or helping others falls in there somewhere. That’s not what I want you to write about, though it’s not a bad idea! I want you to think about the procedures or treatments you love to do. Are smile makeovers or full mouth rehab cases your favorite? Maybe you prefer bread and butter dentistry, Invisalign cases, or making CEREC crowns in your office.

Write a list of the procedures and treatments you like to perform, from greatest to least. Those on the top should become regular topics for your blogs. Why? Because publishing content on your favorite clinical treatments will help your site rank high for the related terms. The higher you rank for a keyword, the more traffic your site will get and as a result, your call volume for those treatments should increase as well!

  • Don’t Neglect Your Cha-Ching

Now this tip is super practical. Where is your revenue coming from? Obviously, if the procedures you like most are your top-generating profit centers, you’re ahead of the game! But for many dentists, what they like to do and where their funding comes from aren’t in alignment. For this list of dental blog topics, you need to find out which of your services bring in the most revenue, after expenses. Create your list and blog about the top 3-5. These procedures are pulling in profits, so you need more of them to help fund new marketing for those treatments and procedures you love doing!

Writing Your Own Dental Blogs

You might not be sure that you want to write your own blogs. After all, the task involves more than coming up with dental blog topics. It requires actually sitting down and writing an article, optimizing it for search engines, then editing the text — week after week. It’s a commitment, if you want it to work! (By work, I mean you want your blog to bring you more new patients.)

You’ll need an image, as well, and that requires either taking a photo yourself or buying stock photos online. Using pictures you find in Google Search is copyright infringement and could land you with a hefty fine or a lawsuit. I’m not trying to scare you; I’ve seen it happen! If you need a dental copywriter or want to learn more about blogging, call me at 940-395-5115 or email [email protected].

What is Identiwrite? 

Identiwrite is the premier dental copywriting company in the United States, and our clients span the globe; we serve a small, sophisticated niche of dentists and dental specialists. As a boutique marketing firm, our content is top quality and because of that, we have a reputation for excellence. 

Write on, Doctor!

Now you know how to come up with dental blog topics. Next week, read my post with instructions on how to set up an editorial calendar for your blog. I’ll give you practical instructions for selecting keywords and sharing your blog across multiple social media platforms, to maximize visibility. If you need help with the blog on your dental website, contact me at 940-395-5115, or you can email [email protected]

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