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Identiwrite has been an absolute pleasure to work with! The team is so responsive, professional, and produces quality work. They are always so attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend them!

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Custom Logos for The BioMed Center

Logo Implementation

Use your logo not only online, on your website, social media profiles, and directory listings, but also throughout your office. Print your new logo on stationary, business and appointment cards, forms, and signage. Many dentists have their practice logo embroidered on scrub uniforms and lab coats. And, of course, your logo should be printed on all of your advertisements.

How Important Is a Logo?

The answer to this question varies by dental practice. Dentists in a highly competitive area, such as a metropolitan area or large suburb, often finds that branding their practice with a logo has significant benefits. When potential patients in your local area see your logo online, in neighborhood boards, on the signage in front of your office, and in the newspaper or a regional publication, your office will seem polished, professional, and popular.

However, a dentist in a small rural town may have little competition. While a website would draw patients from surrounding areas, a logo may not be important in the beginning phase of a marketing strategy.