Get More New Patients: Add Power Blogs to Your Dental Website

The only thing that will make your practice grow is getting MORE NEW PATIENTS. In dental school, you probably didn’t learn exactly how to attract patients to your office. As a consumer, you enter ownership of a dental office with a good idea of what’s worked to attract your business: Google Search, commercials, direct mail, perhaps radio advertising or signage. 

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Did you know that the most cost-effective marketing is online? And of online opportunities for dental marketing, organic search yields the greatest ROI (return on investment). Organic search refers to unpaid listings (not Google Ads) in search engine results pages (SERPs).

So the obvious question is, how do you maximize digital marketing to win the most new patients for the least investment?

According to an article in Forbes, blogging tops the list of cost-effective ways to market a new brand. I consider a “new” brand any brand that’s not yet recognized by the target audience. If your target patients don’t know your dental practice exists, your brand will be new to them. The Forbes article states:

“The more high quality blogs you post, the more opportunities your audience will have to visit and interact with your site, and the better exposure you’ll get for your brand.”

Google Search and SEO experts agree: accurate information through written media drives consumers (patients) to websites (businesses).

The Development of Power Blogs

For nearly two decades, I’ve followed and worked daily in the dental and medical marketing arena, with a concentration on SEO copywriting. The information I’ve gained and trials and errors I’ve seen have culminated in a product called Power Blogs. 

Power Blogs are information-rich blog posts that boost a website’s visibility in search engines for target keywords.

The most important benefits of Power Blogs is that every month, research and data tracking allow our team of experts to continually customize your digital marketing strategy, according to facts. 

Benefits of Power Blogs 

  • SEO Boost
  1. rank high – achieve top of page one Google results for target keywords
  2. rank wide – achieve page one Google results for a wide range of target keywords
  • Prove a doctor’s expertise/authority on a topic (to potential patients and to Google)
  • Convey brand voice (who your office is: friendliness, expertise, professionalism, patient care, technical advancements, comfort, etc.)
  • Show technical savvy (success in Google search coincides with being technically savvy with clinical care and customer service)


Attract the Right Patients with Power Blogs

To achieve the results we want, MORE NEW PATIENTS, preliminary research has to be conducted. 

First, we need to define your target patient:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Dental/medical needs
  • Income
  • Lifestyle

We can then select keywords based on these three opportunities:

  • Services (what you like to do and what has the highest financial yield)
  • Symptoms (problems patients need solved)
  • Cities (where your customers live)

Next, we will evaluate what other doctors who serve your target patients (same needs and location), by performing a competitive analysis of their online presence:

  • Website quality
  • Google rankings
  • Overall online presence (social media, guest blogs, paid ads, etc.)
  • Google reviews

And of course, we need to evaluate your website

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Ubersuggest
  • Technical (coding)
  • Content originality and amount


What’s So Different About POWER Blogs

In short, research. 

We do a competitive analysis and month-over-month evaluation of both traffic and keyword rankings, in addition to keyword research. Most bloggers may do some keyword research, but nothing else. I don’t know of any other dental marketing agency that does month-over-month assessment, then actually alters the strategy accordingly. 

I’m a big fan of data. Whether it’s researching the latest COVID trends or finding out what breed of dog would be best for my lifestyle and personality, facts have a great impact on my decisions. I purposely bring this into our products at Identiwrite. 

Google loves fresh, informative content. So, a good digital marketing strategy should include regularly publishing quality content, usually through blogs and website text updates. 

However, leveraging data helps a dental copywriter know:

  • What topic to write about to yield top rankings
  • How to attract the target audience
  • The length a post must be to compete for top rank
  • Common online searches for keywords (mobile and desktop)
  • Relative FAQs asked by Google searchers
  • What competing dental practices have published on a topic
  • How often to publish blogs
  • Whether certain webpages should be updated to compete better
  • Whether adding webpages on specific topics will increase traffic/ranking
  • Which blogs and webpages could be altered to rank higher
  • Which keywords your website could easily rank on page 1 for

You can see just how valuable data is in dental content management. 

Power Blogs take all this data into account. They aren’t just writing; words are the final result. Think of the case planning that must occur and the treatments that must be executed before a healthy, balanced, attractive smile is realized. 

Then we create an editorial calendar just for you. The calendar reflects the insight gained from analyzing data. 

As a result, Power Blogs GET MORE NEW PATIENTS.

How to Get Power Blogs



It takes a village, or a team in this case, to make Power Blogs work. A lone copywriter simply can’t do it all.

In addition to having a team of dental copywriters who understand clinical dentistry, as well as your target market, the Power Blogs team has to include data acquisition and analysis technician, website technician, a great copyeditor, and managers that make sure everything is done consistently and correctly.


Communication with YOU is key, as well. While you don’t need to review, edit, or consult with the Identwrite team on a specific schedule, we must understand your brand and identify your target audience. We also have to know when anything changes in the practice that would warrant a website update. Changes like new or former team members, so we can keep the about page up to date; new technology; new services; retired technology or services; and community involvement, like Give Kids A Smile or the Halloween Candy Buyback Program. 


Since Identiwrite is a boutique dental marketing agency, we’re very hands on with our clients. You’ll have the cell phone numbers of multiple contacts on our team, so you can get in touch with us after hours, on the weekends, or whenever you need us. We reply to texts, as well as emails, within 24 hours, even on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Our goal is to serve you on your terms. 

You can participate as much or as little as you want (or as you have time for) in your Power Blog strategy. Some of our clients like to read and approve every post, while others let us take the wheel and just enjoy the results of MORE NEW PATIENTS. The busier we make you, the less time you’ll have to spend on marketing — but you’ll know we’re doing our job. 


A foundational part of the Identiwrite client experience is no contracts. I absolutely abhor having a cell phone contract because if customer service is poor, I’m stuck! You hold us accountable because you can stop service at any time. During COVID shutdowns, we felt the economic pain as much as our clients, and I believe that’s good. We’re in this together, right?



Cost of an Identiwrite Power Blog subscription depends upon how often you want to publish posts. 

This infographic by HubSpot explains recommended blog frequency for two distinct purposes: organic traffic (SEO) and brand awareness.



Ready to try Power Blogs? There’s no contract and exponential benefits. Call or text Riese Duty at 972-679-6885 or email [email protected]. You can also contact us through our website form. Riese will answer all of your questions and guide you through the onboarding process, so you can GET MORE NEW PATIENTS with Power Blogs!