Your website could reach thousands and thousands of potential patients.

Your website could reach thousands and thousands of potential patients. It will be the first impression you make on people who find your practice on the Internet. Investing in a unique, modern design and error-free development will improve your potential for converting those website visitors into new patients. A researched and well-planned strategy will help your site rank high in search engines, for multiple keyword phrases. The best dental websites need:

  • Domain name and hosting
  • Responsive design
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Original text, optimized for search
  • Photos and videos with tags for SEO
  • Easy administrative maintenance
  • An https address (secure site)
  • Internal and external linking strategy
  • Social media integration
  • Google Analytics and Search Console for data tracking
  • A blog, to help with SEO
  • Contact email form
  • Email capture, with incentive (newsletter)
  • YOU should be the primary owner of your site, domain, and social media profiles


Is your website responsive?

Custom, Template, or Hybrid Website?

Dental website design, development, and function have evolved significantly in the past 5 years and tremendously in the last 15 years. A website built today should remain contemporary for about two years before it becomes outdated – at which time it will need a makeover.

That’s right: Dentists need a new, fresh site design every two years.

Custom Designed Websites

Custom design can make a dental website to stand out from the rest. However, custom sites are usually built on a proprietary content management system (CMS). In this case, should you want to move your website into your own hosting account and have another company handle its maintenance, you’ll be given HTML files that are only readable by a web technician. The user-friendly admin panel you are used to using is proprietary to the website company that built your site, so it will not transfer to your hosting account. In short, you’ll have to find a developer and pay big bucks just to make your site live and functioning.

This is extremely time consuming and frustrating. It’s left many dentists feeling used, angry, and helpless.

Template Sites

In contrast to a custom dentist website, a template website allows little design flexibility, so you’ll have no guarantee that the dentist down the street is not going to have the same website as you! Many template sites also come with user-friendly administrative panels, so you can make changes to the site easily. Think Wix or Squarespace. They’re extremely cheap and rarely effective in a competitive market.

And should you decide to move your template site, you’ll be out of luck. Template sites are proprietary to the company that owns the template. Not only can you not take your site with you when you go, but you may lose any content you submitted. The copyright may have become the property of the web company.
In some cases, I’ve seen dentists lose their domain name!

Hybrids: Affordable, Attractive, High-Achieving Websites

The hybrid sites we create at Identiwrite Creative have many benefits over templates and custom-built sites.
We build on WordPress, so you can take the site, its content, and the CMS with you if you ever leave us. Though our clients rarely leave, sometimes loyalty to a family member or friend in the graphic design/SEO field overrules working with us. Should you want to move your site, it’s all yours – not ours. Your site will be hosted in your account at Bluehost or GoDaddy, so you’ll have complete control over your website, domain, and email addresses. (Don’t worry. We’ll set it all up for you and hand it off when you leave.)

Your WordPress website can be customized to the point that it looks completely custom.

We leverage existing widgets and plugins for state-of-the-art design and functionality while retaining the ability to change nearly every aspect of a site’s appearance. WordPress website templates can be automatically updated, as well. This means you’ll not have to worry about parts of your site being “out of order” or losing functionality. Instead, through the WP admin panel, you’ll be notified when it’s time to accept a free update to your site or its plugins. (Sometimes site templates become permanently outdated, and the developer no longer provides updates. This usually does not happen within the first two years of a site’s life, and notice is generally given.)

Site Management & Maintenance

If Identiwrite Creative manages your site, not only will you have the best dental website, but we’ll take care of the updates and day-to-day maintenance. This includes eliminating spammy comments, keeping the plugins and template up to date, fixing glitches if the site goes down or has conflicts with plugins, for instance. These things happen, even if you never touch your site. A management plan is essential so that you can keep treating patients and your site can keep bringing them in your doors.

With WordPress, we have virtually unlimited design and functionality capabilities. Want videos to pop up here and there? Want a shopping cart? Need an interactive calendar? How about a sticky item that remains on-screen all the time? Any functionality that you desire can be purchased or created, so you will have the website you want – with or without bells and whistles.

The cost of a hybrid dental website falls between that of a completely custom-built website and a cookie-cutter template. We offer reasonable monthly maintenance and SEO programs to keep your site healthy, as well.

Dental Website Design Process

To start the design process for your new dental website, we will schedule a one-hour telephone interview and provide a printable interview for you to review before the call. During our call, we’ll learn about your practice philosophy for patient care, as well as the services you most enjoy performing, and all of your technology. We’ll discuss design elements like colors and fonts, and we’ll visit a few sites with you to determine what elements you like – and what you dislike.

With your input, our design team will have all we need to create a customized, sensational, user-friendly website that reflects your practice.

It will look and feel like an extension of your office, online.

You’ll have a bit of homework after the call. We will need photos and your logo, as well as logins or admin status for your social media accounts. You’ll be provided with a list of items we need to move forward. Bio guides for you and your team will be emailed to you, as well. Simply complete the guides and fax or email them back to us.

Once we have finished the interview and have your logo, the design process will take a week or so. You’ll be provided with a functional mockup – a few designs of actual, functional homepages. This staged site will be visible to you and us, not visitors. The pages of the staged site won’t be indexed by Google, either.

We’ll work on one design until it’s just what you want! Once the design is approved, the project will move into development.

Dental Website Development Process

At this phase, we will need all your assets from that homework list. We will secure your domain and hosting, or transfer of your domain to your own hosting account, if necessary.

Our copywriting team will compose original, optimized text for your site’s pages, implementing the latest SEO techniques and data from our research of your regional keywords and competition.
The website developer, too, will use SEO-friendly design to ensure your site ranks well in Google.

Once your dental website is ready to preview, you’ll be sent a link and asked to schedule a call. We’ll go through the site page by page with you, noting all your requested revisions in a special program, so we can keep track of the changes. The revision process may take a week or two, or longer if you continue to want alterations made before your site goes live.

When your site is made live, Google’s robots (spiders) will be able to crawl and index every page. We will install Google Analytics and Search Console on the backend, so you – and we – can see data about who visits the site, where they live, how long they stay on each page, and where the enter and leave the site.


Is it time to upgrade your online image?

Maintaining & Growing Your Investment

You can administrate your website yourself because it will be hosted in your own GoDaddy or Bluehost account. We can provide training on using the administration panel in WordPress, or you can self-educate using online tutorials. However, if you’re too busy to manage, maintain, and promote your dental website, the wise next step is to select one of our monthly support plans.

Identiwrite Creative offers various levels of website support, ranging from simple upkeep to extensive content management, social media integration, and reputation management. By talking with you about your marketing goals and practice growth plan, we can help you determine which package will best suit your needs.

If you want more information before you decide, we can conduct a keyword ranking report, as well as a competitive analysis, to establish a baseline of your current online standings. From the results, we can determine which support package will meet your goals, in your time frame. in the meantime, check out some of our dental website examples.


Is your website driving new patients to your practice?