As a dental practice owner, you are responsible for promoting your practice. It’s the primary way to attract new patients. Today, dentists face a complex matrix of web, print, and word-of-mouth strategies when it comes to dental marketing. It can seem a bit overwhelming, especially for a dentist who’s busy serving patients. 

Identiwrite Creative is your resource for excellent dental marketing services, backed by years of experience and 5-star client testimonials. As a bonus, our customer service is second to none.

5 Advanced Strategies for Dental Marketing

We offer these essential dental marketing services:

SEO Power Websites

Design, development, optimization, data reporting, and maintenance

SEO Power Blogs

Development, design, data tracking, strategy, keyword selection, editorial calendar creation, SEO ranking reports

SEO Power Boost

Comprehensive technical optimization for your website

Copywriting and Editing

Dental content for web and print, as well as optimization, editing services, SOP manuals, and content for businesses that market B2B to dentists

eMail Marketing

eNewsletter and eBlast campaigns, including email capture widget for your website

Branding Consulting

Practice name, logo, and mission and vision statements

Identiwrite Creative Is Your Partner

Excellent patient care, a fabulous staff, and a beautiful office are keys to retaining patients and serving them well, but do you have trouble marketing your practice? You may have run out of dental marketing ideas, while your website falls lower and lower in search results. Or perhaps you simply don’t want to do your own marketing. 

The best case scenario is being too busy with your current patient load that you don’t have time to spend on marketing. But what will happen if you stop marketing altogether? In time, your patient numbers will become stagnant or start to decrease.

Identiwrite Creative will grow your practice through excellent dental marketing, so you can attend to your patients. That’s why you became a dentist, right? To help patients? To practice your artful science? Well, we get a thrill from dental marketing. We love our jobs as much as you love yours, and we want to partner with you to make sure your patients know just how passionate, skilled, and fantastic you are!

Identiwrite Creative is owned and managed by a seasoned dental marketing expert.

With two decades of experience working with dentists, web agencies, B2Bs, and consultants, Shauna Duty has helped hundreds of clients with all aspects of marketing. Her articles have appeared in many dental and medical publications, and she wrote the chapter titled “Reputation Management for Dentists” in the ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing (2015).