You know how when you diet and exercise, over time you see your body change shape? You get more energy and sleep better? Things change – but slowly. (Keep reading. I’ll get to homepage design in just a sec.)

Dental website design is like that. Your first website, if it was made in the last 10 or 20 years, should look and function very differently than your current website. So much has changed, and what’s possible now for homepage design completely transcends the designs of the 90s, the 00s, and 10s!

Websites should be redesigned every two to three years to remain user friendly, search engine optimized, and to appear contemporary to the potential patient.

In today’s blog, I want to review some of the popular layouts for homepage design in 2022, so if you decide to revise (and revive) your dental website this year, you’ll enter the process with sound knowledge. That’s really my purpose, with Identiwrite Creative and Marketing You Academy, is to help dentists stay in the know with all things related to digital marketing.

If you’re considering a new website, or homepage design, I recommend you contact Identiwrite Creative at 940-395-5115 for a no-strings-attached, no obligation proposal and consultation. Of course, I think our websites are the best value you’ll find, but whether you choose us or another dental website design and development agency, I promise that you’ll leave the consultation full of great information.

Design Trends to Remember

Now, let’s get to it. I want to start with what’s popular before getting to homepage design. Here are 3 of the top design trends we will continue to see in 2022.

Parallax has been around for about a decade. It’s when the background remains still, and the foreground (text and design elements) move over it as you scroll. It’s a cool effect that’s still popular.

Neumorphism is the strange term given to the new trend of minimalistic, 3D design. There was the intro of 3D design with shadows and mirror effects maybe 15 years ago, then came the flat, one-shadow below design style that subtracted depth. And as you’re well aware, minimalism is a trend on and offline. We see this in the use of positive space, a sparse design, and practical use of design elements, rather than elements that are solely appealing. Neumorphism uses shadows/highlights and lowlights, as well as color and dark/light gradients to create a 3D effect.

The other trend we could see more of is the weaving of line drawings and illustrations morphed with photography. Video designers are doing more with integrating videography with illustrations, as well. It’s all about creating visual interest to capture attention for as long as possible.

Now, on to dental homepage designs.

The Purpose Behind the Homepage Design

There’s a writing style that’s known as AIDA: attention, interest, desire, action. Most websites with a large “hero” image at the top of the page follow this pattern.

The image captures interest. Sometimes a series of images in a carousel are used, so you can scroll forward and backward to see the dentist’s main offerings. Video can be embedded in the hero image, as well. In any case, the big image says “HEY! OVER HERE! LOOK!!!” That’s attention.

Next, interest. The information in those hero slides should evoke interest in the viewer. He should think, “What’s this all about?” It is imperative that a designer select images in tune with the dentist’s brand and target audience.

Then we want to fuel desire in your homepage design… “I need to know more.” Clickable buttons on the banner, as well as highlighted services (usually in groups of 3) beneath the banner provide a means for the viewer to quench his desire with information, literally at the click of a button!

Action. That’s the goal. It’s called conversion in the digital world. The action we want to generate is a phone call to the office or electronically booked appointment. It’s extremely important to make sure that your website is designed with planned calls to action so that they guide a visitor through conversion to a patient. Conversion should feel intuitive, fast, and convenient. Any hiccup could lose the visitor forever.

Basics of Hero Layout for Homepage Design

The AIDA concept is in effect in the Hero Image Layout. In my experience, this is by far the most popular design for dentists. You can showcase smiles or a welcome video, then dig right into the services you find most enjoyable and profitable.

If you visit most of the Identiwrite Creative sites, you’ll see this classic hero image layout in action. For instance, let’s look at Dr. Julie Glud’s website.

An outline of the homepage looks like this:

  • Logo – Contact Info
  • Navigation
  • Hero w/ Call to Action Button
  • 4 Highlighted Services
  • Welcome Text

Classic Hero + Movement

Again, we see the Hero Image Layout in effect on the WellRooted Dentistry site. However, the WellRooted site has more motion elements. Notice how the various boxes fade in as you scroll down the page. This drives interest and scrolling. What’s going to show up next? The movement engages viewers, so this one is a favorite of mine!

An Interesting Element

Here’s something different, and it works well for this client’s industry: public speaking. Pull up Dr. Kerr’s website. As you interact with the screen, the “hero image” logo becomes one face of a cube, and you land on Dr. Kerr’s image and elevator pitch (the 10-second synopsis of his company). The motion drives interest, again.

Your Next Step for Great Homepage Design on Your Website

If you’re ready for a new, conversion-driving website or you simply need your current site refreshed with a new homepage layout, give Identiwrite Creative a call. Our website designers, developers, copywriters, and SEO experts are ready to make your new, high-conversion site a reality. Call 940-679-6885, or email [email protected], and let’s talk about the next generation of your online image!

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