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Dentist Press Release Part Two: How to Write a Press Release

What is newsworthy in a dentist’s office? New technology, a new hire, a new address (expansion or move), the doctor’s latest certification, community involvement, donated services, or a new website are all good topics. The trick is, you have to make the news interesting. For instance, a press release about a dentist’s new website kind of seems like self-promotion. Yes, press releases are about promotion, but they should not be self-serving. In fact, editors will laugh and throw your press release into file 13 if it’s obviously self serving – and these people need news to publish! So how do you turn a press release about your new website into news that people care about? Consider the benefit to the public. What does your website bring to the public? A blog that features the latest oral health information for families in your city. Bang. Newsworthy!