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Whether you’re just starting out with a new dental practice, or you’re ready for the next generation of your existing website, our team of designers, developers, and copywriters will work closely with you to create a sensational website that you’ll feel proud to show off. 

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Portfolio:  A Full Website Makeover

Inspire Smiles Dental

This dental practice had a three-year-old template website, and they weren’t ready to build a new site. To update their existing website, we created original content and added fresh images. However, they wanted Yelp! integration and other features that ultimately would have cost hundreds of dollars, through their current website company.

In the end, the dentist decided to invest in a new website with Identiwrite. For a reasonable cost, their new site features all the bells and whistles they’d hoped for, as well as a modern, inviting look.

Click on the Before and After tabs to the left, and see the transformation.

  • Features two primary service areas: general and cosmetic dentistry, with many individual services pages, well optimized for search

  • On the home and services pages, a carousel of images can be moved right and left by the site visitor, so he can select the next area he’d like to see

  • Integrating the client’s Yelp! API, we created an automatically updated page of testimonials on the site

  • To pursue high search rank, the client invests in weekly blog posts, of which the most recent three are featured on the homepage

  • Videos and images of the dental practice are artistically embedded throughout the website

  • The Special Offers page features printable coupons, made to complement the site’s visual appeal

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Portfolio:  Starting from Scratch

Brookhouse Dental

We create clean, fresh, beautiful designs, customized for the client’s brand, target patients, and personal preferences.

This client recently began a solo practice. She’d never had a website of her own, but she did have ideas about what she wanted. Through an initial interview, followed by conversations and decisions, we worked with the dentist to develop this beautiful website – and her new logo.

  • Responsive design shows up brilliantly across all devices

  • Unique, custom written text attracts search engines and patients

  • Movement and interactive elements look stylish and interesting

  • You own your website, the content on it, and your hosting – no contract required

  • Custom logo designed exclusively for this practice

  • On-site blog with weekly blog posts, composed of 100% original content, for great SEO and to expand the website’s size over time

  • Reputation management package sends emails to new patients after the first appointment, prompting them to leave a testimonial (We have control over which testimonials get published!)

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Portfolio: Dental Consulting Website

Tower Leadership

Want to stand out from others? For this client, we created a custom video and infographic with matching characters! Set your website — and your practice — apart from others by integrating new, impressive elements.

  • Custom video, designed exclusively for Tower Leadership

  • Custom designed infographic explains the client’s purpose in one quick glance

  • This site integrates with InfusionSoft, for making reservations, intitiating e-mail sales sequences, and selling memberships

  • The Pop Quiz box on the homepage is sticky – it scrolls with the page

  • The Pop Quiz feature is an interactive quiz that sends the website visior results, after capturing contact information

  • The membership area will be built out with videos, workbooks, and articles, available only by subscription

  • A calendar feature allows the client to schedule upcoming events that automatically propogate data into specific areas of the site

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Portfolio: Financial Planning Website

Azuree Ashby

financial planning website design

Though we specialize in dental websites, our team is fully capable of creating sites for businesses in other industries.

Here, you see a website we designed and developed for a financial planner who recently began hosting money management workshops for entrepreneurs and couples. The site features functionality that allows the client to add events on a main calendar. Website visitors can register for a workshop and purchase tickets from the site, as well.

We also inserted intro and outro slides on the videos our client submitted, to make them look more polished and professional.

  • Unique, custom written text attracts search engines and registrants

  • Videos have intro and outro slides for a professional appearance

  • A calendar feature allows adding events all year long

  • Email capture integrated with MailChimp or MyEmma, for drip marketing campaigns

  • Payment processing through paypal makes registration simple, for the host and attendees

  • Registrants receive email confirmation after signing up for an event

  • This site was not built with SEO as a main focus, but it can be expanded to improve optimization

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Portfolio: Home Builder & Contractor Website

 Pine Springs Homesteads

home builder website design

Here is another example of our work, but this time the industry is home building and remodeling. Also of note, we created the Pine Springs Homesteads logo.

  • Original, optimized content shows up high in local search

  • This layout features a vertical navigation, so the site looks different than most

  • With a click of the button, a site visitor can download a PDF of the company’s brochure

  • In the sidebar, we’ve highlighted accolades for easy viewing

  • Since insurance is a major factor for some of their clients, we dedicated a significant portion of the homepage to this topic

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