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About Shauna Duty

Coming from parents who love nature and place more value on living life than on making money, and being that my mother is a nurse, it seems logical that I landed in a health-related industry. As is true with most passionate professionals, I fell in love with my trade — writing — early in life. Words are awesome. They are scribbled symbols that convey an entire idea from one mind to another. Being in the dental industry today is quite a trip. The research linking oral to overall health is so interesting that I tend to lose hours and days researching new discoveries. The best part of my job, though, is interviewing dentists and talking shop with my clients. I love to hear different philosophies and schools of thought regarding clinical care, and contemporary technology for diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment can keep me chatting for eons. In short, I am a nerd at heart. I find that this is a common thread between my clients and me.