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audrey ahern actress and copywriterHave You Met Audrey, Copywriter?

Audrey Ahern is an experienced copywriter with years of niche experience focusing exclusively on dental marketing. She has a unique professional background because she is also an actress, who currently tours the country doing a one-woman show about St. Therese of Lisieux. You never know where she might be dreaming up her clients’ copy – whether it’s on a beach in Florida or camped out in a convent in the Bronx. Her work as an actress gives her an edge in marketing because she is able to put herself in other peoples’ shoes, creating content that is unique to each dentist and engaging for potential readers. When she is not writing or on stage, Audrey is probably devouring a book, taking photos, hanging out with her family, or involved in some activity at her parish.

Note from Shauna: Audrey is amaza-zing! She came with me to start Identiwrite, after the sale of my last company, where she had been creating awesome copy for our clients for about a year. It is an honor and privilege to have such a talented woman on our team!

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